Combined Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching in Brighton

My fully integrated approach: life coaching and hypnotherapy

As a qualified hypnotherapist in Brighton and Hove, I also offer effective life coaching as part of the process. I know that combining both therapies is a great way to identify what you believe is holding you back.  By creating a full picture of what true happiness and well being looks like to you, we can start to set goals and objectives and find the ideal means to help you get there.

But, and there’s a big “but” here, most of your thoughts and feelings are not conscious – they occur in your subconscious.  That’s right: about 80% or more of what you process happens internally and you are not aware of it.

That’s why effecting change at the unconscious level through hypnosis enables you to be capable of so much more than you realise.  What’s more, with your full engagement, change at this level is sustainable.  You will be dealing with the root causes of your issues, making a transformation and creating new habits and behaviours to support it.

Free consultation

I offer a free 30-minute consultation.  This will allow you to decide if I’m right for you and of course, give me the opportunity to think about what you hope to achieve from hypnotherapy and life coaching and to gauge your commitment level.

There is no obligation to go forward with treatment until and unless you are ready to do so.

How I work

Every approach is totally tailored to your individual issues, goals and objectives.  My role is to facilitate and enable you to change your thought processes, but I can’t do it for you – I’ll need your buy-in and participation, otherwise I’m not what you need.

As a person who has gone through positive changes in my own life, I have strong empathy with my clients.  I’m rooting for you all the way and can never tell you what to do –  but I will hold you to account!  We want to embed those changes into your psyche, so come prepared for some “homework” and maybe some practical tasks and exercises away from our sessions.

My processes are simple but effective: hypnotherapy appointments usually start with a coaching session, followed by hypnotherapy.  We’ll “create” your idea, concept or goal, then we’ll embed it. Life coaching sessions without hypnotherapy are also an option.

I am DBS checked and cleared so am able to work with children and young people.

My “mind massage” treatments

Hypnotherapy is good for your soul.  It’s also extremely relaxing and you are welcome to book sessions with me to help you just to unwind and switch your brain off. Calm your mind, release tensions and recharge your batteries. Lovely.

Not all hypnotherapists and life coaches in and around Brighton and Hove are the same.  If you’re intrigued to know more, I’m equally keen to speak to you.

Do get in touch.  It gives me enormous satisfaction to help people and I do hope that I will hear from you soon.  Email me or call me, Linda Bramley, on 07775 881 597