Fully Qualified Hypnotherapist in Brighton

As a qualified Hypnotherapist in Brighton, I can plant positive thoughts into your mind and help you move towards feelings of peace and a greater sense of satisfaction.

My role is to help you to adopt ways of thinking that are much more useful.  Hypnotherapy is very powerful and could make a real difference to your life.  What does it feel like?  It’s very relaxing.  I will gently guide you into a state of relaxation (or trance), very similar to being in a daydream.

Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Yes, it does.  It can be very effective in helping to break damaging habits.  Hypnotherapy can also address stress and anxiety-related issues, fears, phobias, as well as several other life-limiting behaviours.

Think about agoraphobia, or a fear of birds’ wings, for example.  These fears can really affect you life in so many ways.  And they don’t need to.  These fears are holding you back and stopping you from living a full life.

Hypnotherapy directs the mind towards more useful and encouraging thought patterns.  You choose the actions that you have decided on, in a totally natural way.  Hypnotherapy can also make the good parts of your life even better, as well as address the more challenging areas.

The Good News About Hypnotherapy

Often, the good people from Brighton come to my hypnotherapy sessions as a last resort.  They see it as the only option open to them.  Perhaps other treatments haven’t worked so well, or have even failed.

Is this you?

Well, there’s good news:  hypnotherapy is highly effective, both as a stand alone treatment and when combined with other therapies.  Have a look at my life coaching services- the two complement one another extremely well.  The results can be very powerful indeed.

As a combined hypnotherapist and life coach, I can help you underpin and re-inforce your new thoughts by taking action.  And vice versa.

The Hypnotherapy Myth

Are you afraid of losing control?  Please don’t be concerned.  Even the sceptical among you may be surprised by how beneficial hypnotherapy can be.  Hypnotherapy enables control to be given to about 80% of the brain (that’s the part that lies dormant most of the time) and can unlock healthy reasoning and ideas.  And, even more powerfully, it can turn them into life-enhancing actions.

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

As hypnotherapy becomes more popular and widely available, it’s become less mysterious.

More and more people are finding its benefits. Many of my clients know that hypnotherapy is safe and effective, and have experienced feelings of freedom as a result.  They tell me that it’s a great way to relax, as well as an effective means to find answers to some of  life’s problems.

Talking of relaxing, I also offer “mind massages”.  These are a very pleasant way to gear down and to switch off for a while.  If you’re busy, or stressed or have a life full of looking after other people, my mind massage (so-called due to a lovely client testimonial) is a great way of having some “me time”.

If you’d like to learn more about my hypnotherapy treatments, feel free to contact me via this website.  I’m looking forward to helping you.