Frequently Asked Questions for a Hypnotherapist in Brighton

“Frequently asked questions for a hypnotherapist in Brighton” sounds rather grand, doesn’t it?  People often ask me very similar things, though, so I thought it would be good to put together some FAQs to help you.  We’re all different, but as with anything we try for the first time, you may all be thinking the same things – or pretty much.  And, worrying about the same things.

Don’t worry, there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

As a hypnotherapist, I’m often asked the same questions, or at least ones that are very similar.  If you’re not sure about anything, then have a look at my series of frequently asked questions below.  But, as always, contact me if you need further information.

What is being hypnotised like? What will I experience?

Hypnosis is very relaxing.  There’s nothing to worry about.  It’s hard to describe what happens in detail because people may experience it differently.  However, being neither asleep nor awake, trance is generally a peaceful and calming state to be in.

It’s via this empowering state of consciousness that beneficial suggestions can be made to your unconscious mind.

Am I going to lose control?

The answer is an emphatic NO.

I hold high, ethical standards and will always verify your comfort level. You will always have control and be able to hear what is going on – you won’t be asleep. In case you’re wondering, being in a trance state can be compared to the times during the day that you drift off into your own thoughts, or the state of consciousness just before you go to sleep. It’s a pleasant sensation and many of my clients enjoy the experience immensely.

You’ll also be able to communicate with me while you’re in trance and express any thoughts or requests you may have.

Also, a successful result of treatment means you will have more control over your life than you have now

I’m one of these people who can’t by hypnotised. Are you sure you can hypnotise me?

I most certainly can.  Everyone can be hypnotised, even people who are convinced that they can’t be and swear that they haven’t been.  I have the skills and knowledge to induce hypnosis in everyone who is willing to experience it – and I can see it happening and the benefits it brings.

The subconscious mind is where we store everything important and it is via an altered state of consciousness that powerful changes can be made.

How many sessions will I need?

You may be surprised that you need fewer appointments with me than you think – hypnotherapy and life coaching combined are a powerful force for change. However, it’s impossible to be precise as each therapy treatment is customised, and is as unique as you are.

How does life coaching complement hypnotherapy?

The two work extremely well together, the one reinforcing the positive messages from the other. The first session focuses on life coaching, setting goals and deciding what your ideal outcomes will be.  Once we’ve established this framework, hypnotherapy can start to “implant” the positive messages that you need, with new habits being formed through life coaching sessions. We will work together to establish the tools you need now and for the future, if or when you need that extra help.