Treatment for anxiety in Brighton

Stress and anxiety can cause physical changes in the body.  The so-called “flight or fight” syndrome should be good for us.  But, in these modern times, it’s not quite so useful.  Stress is the way we arm ourselves when we face mortal danger.  Useful, but we’re no longer being chased by bears on a daily basis.  Therefore, treatment for anxiety, stress or depression could be of real benefit if these feelings overwhelm you.

In today’s world, prolonged stress can be damaging.  Symptoms of anxiety are equally distressing: your thoughts cause constant worry and distress.  As a result, they’ve started to become dysfunctional.

Or, perhaps you simply feel almost nothing – no joy, no spark no enthusiasm for life. Everything is rather grey.  This is what depression looks like.

Does this describe you?

You have a busy job or a demanding family life.  You’re facing work-related issues, or you’re coping with any other difficult situations in your life.  Often, you feel ill-equipped to cope. Those feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed with life intrude into your everyday thoughts.  You become numb to the things you previously enjoyed.

You are not alone, you know.  We all experience these feelings at some stage but there’s good news: you can deal with them.  If negative thoughts hold you back it’s time to take back control.

Working with Linda Bramley, hypnotherapist and life coach

Let’s do this.  I can help you.

A combination of life coaching and hypnotherapy will help you to become your best self and get some sparkle into your life.  Good mental and physical health is a must for happiness.  My fully integrated approach will be challenging, yet enjoyable.  Importantly, I know that it really works.

Without being intrusive, I’d like to know more about you.  This will help me to offer you exactly what you need.  With your agreement, I hope you’ll feel comfortable to tell me what you’re hoping to achieve.  Let’s also talk about what you think are the barriers that have stopped you feeling calm, happy and fulfilled.

Combining hypnotherapy and life coaching for highly effective treatment for anxiety, stress and depression

Hypnotherapy will teach your subconscious new ways to stay calm and focused.  You’ll adopt mindfulness and potentially some new ways to keep you in control of your feelings and perceived anxiety.

Life coaching will be about setting goals, and will focus on learning new, practical ways to cope.

Your objectives and desired outcomes will be devised entirely to your needs and challenges.  For example, you may learn how to move away from a difficult situation and re-set your feelings and emotions. There will be changes to be made – big or small, with your full input, you will be delighted with the results.

So, are you ready to make the change?  Email me or give me a call and let’s arrange an appointment.