Life Coaching in Brighton

My name is Linda Bramley and I offer effective life coaching in Brighton and Hove.  Life coaching that really works.

As a life coach, I use well-established techniques to help you create ideas, set goals and face challenging situations.  I can also help you to push past emotional barriers.  Life coaching is not about telling you what you do or how you should do it. We’ll work together to explore strategies, and implement tools to enable you to achieve your goals.

My role is to find ways that you can be who you want to be…and do what you want to do.

If change seems impossible for you or you see it as something out of your reach, we’ll address it together.  My life coaching sessions will empower you to visualise your objectives and put the tools in place that you need in order to move forwards.

Life coaching is all about adjusting what you perceive to be your limitations.

I will be your guide and your supporter, NOT your instructor – there’s  a big difference.  I will encourage you to make positive changes by setting goals that you can actually achieve.

What is Life Coaching?

Some people ask me how life coaching differs from counselling.

The primary focus of counselling is to identify the underlying causes of issues.  Your counsellor will then encourage you to change or adapt in some way the behaviour that has caused the problem.

Life coaching, on the other hand, is about the now and when.  It looks at what’s happening NOW – at this very moment.  You will be looking forwards,  focusing on what you want to happen.  The life coaching process then establishes what you need to do in order for those things to happen, and WHEN you will need to do them.

We may look at the past but we only learn from it, we never dwell on it.

What would you like to achieve through life coaching?

Whether it’s a change in career, performance or lifestyle (including diet and well being) my life coaching can help you.  Perhaps you’re struggling with stress or emotional behaviour problems.  Each life coaching session, at my therapy room in Brighton, will be tailored exactly to your needs.

Prepare to get engaged: As your coach I will challenge you, ask you questions and aim to adapt your thinking.  You will need to put the effort in but it’s YOU who will be making the changes through your participation and commitment.

With life coaching, there’s no magic wand – either being waved by me or you.  However, you will feel a great sense of achievement and pride.  You’ll be able to adapt your new skills to other situations and challenges in your life as they occur.