Effective treatment for phobias and fears in Brighton and Hove.

Fear affects our lives badly.  You may avoid certain places, situations or objects as they frighten you.  Perhaps they stress you out or are just impossible to face or confront.  Unfortunately, many people have lived with these self-limiting beliefs for a long time, perhaps from childhood or because of a specific experience.  And, they simply don’t need to.  How would YOU benefit from effective treatment for your phobias and fears?

What’s the difference between a fear and a phobia?

This is an important distinction.

A fear is being afraid of something and it’s very unpleasant but at a push, we can do it.

Phobic experiences are different.  The anticipation or experience of a phobia causes profound physical symptoms, such as shaking, sweating and we experience panic attacks, even nausea.  There is no reasoning with a phobia.  We can’t do it, and we won’t.

I offer highly effective treatment for the phobias and fears that may be limiting your life.  With integrated hypnotherapy and life coaching, I can help you to overcome these feelings.  You may think that they control you.  Let me tell you that in reality, they do not. My combined approach is a powerful way to re-wire your subconscious and to help embed new thoughts and thus, different behaviours.

Working with Linda Bramley, hypnotherapist and life coach.  How do I treat phobias and fears?

In our initial consultation, we’ll uncover the root cause of your fears or phobia and explore how they restrict you.  We’ll set goals and objectives for you.  Gradually, through a powerful combination of hypnotherapy and life coaching, you will become exposed to the source of your fear.   This exposure will become less and less of a problem.

Does hypnotherapy work? 

Your situation is of course, unique, so we’ll tailor an approach that’s entirely to your needs.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent solution for all phobias and fears, as it can eliminate your conditioned responses. It can help you unlock the rational part of your subconscious, so that your phobias and fears shrink to nothing, or as near to nothing as is possible.  Soon, you’ll be free and in charge of your everyday life in a way you would not have thought possible.

I will be my privilege to help you to live the life you deserve, so email or call me today and let’s get started.