Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in Brighton

Would you like to lose weight? Change shape? If so, hypnotherapy for weight loss really, really works.

I can help you to lose those extra pounds, get leaner and gain better health – whatever that means to you.  .

Importantly, I won’t give you diet sheets or prescriptive exercise plans. I’m not a qualified nutritionist or a personal trainer, of course. I do, however, understand that food is rarely the underlying problem.  In reality, a wide range of issues may be provoking your desire to use food to numb painful thoughts.

If only losing weight was as simple as eating less and moving more. We would all be lean and trim, wouldn’t we? Of course, it IS that simple (in theory) but knowing this and actually doing it are not the same thing. Humans are emotional. As a result, some of us rely on food as not only fuel, but as a psychological support system. It’s our comfort blanket. Sometimes we eat too much simply out of habit, and take little or no exercise.

I offer hypnotherapy for weight loss in Brighton, Hove and the surrounding local areas.  My services integrate life coaching with hypnotherapy and with your commitment, you’ll be able to make manageable lifestyle changes.

How does hypnotherapy for weight loss work?

Your first session with me will include an in-depth life-coaching exploration of where you are now and where you want to be. You may be encouraged to complete a questionnaire and we’ll examine the underlying problems – both practical and emotional – that you perceive to be holding you back. Your therapy will be tailored precisely to your goals.

Hypnotherapy for weight management can be very powerful. Once in a state of deep relaxation, I can implant your chosen new ways of thinking and doing through visualisation. Over time, you’ll learn how to replace your negative lifestyle habits and eating patterns with positive ones. The answer lies within you and your new healthy life awaits!

Above all, whatever your desired outcome we will discuss, agree and monitor your progress together.

The time is now. Make the first step by calling me, Linda Bramley on 07775 881 597