I had the good fortune to meet Linda In autumn 2008 for the purpose of Life Coaching. I was recommended by a friend & didn’t really think that Life Coaching could help make my life any better so initially I went to meet her out of sheer curiousity. You have all these preconceptions that the Life Coach will be like a therapist, or a counsellor, or a bossy sergeant major type! So I was quite nervous on our first meeting.

Linda has the ability to make you feel very relaxed & before long you feel like you are talking to a good acquaintance. I was surprised that life coaching is mostly about YOU making decisions for change in your life & the Life Coach is just there to help you along the road! I found Linda to be just the right balance of calm, level-headedness, firm task setter all with a good sense of humour! So instead of feeling embarrassed about bearing my soul, or letting her see all my foibles, I found it easy to talk to her about quite intimate personal history.

All in all I found the Life Coaching experience an extremely helpful aid in sorting out what I now see as my extremely messy life! I came out a calmer, patient & more organised person personally, professionally and emotionally then when I started. I’m very grateful for all the help & guidance I received from Linda, during my time with her, and would highly recommend anyone to let her “sort your life out”!

Many many thanks to you Linda

With affection

Amanda Harrison

Linda is a highly talented motivator with a warm and friendly approach.

Encouraging proactivity and achievable results, Linda has been an uplifting and inspirational coach.

I found the whole experience exceptionally rewarding and have been given some invaluable tools with which to work.

Rebecca W

The colours feel much brighter now


It’s like having a Personal Trainer for the mind


I feel a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders


‘I will admit that I went into hypnotherapy with a large degree of scepticism.  However, I figured I’d tried everything else to stop biting my nails with no avail, so I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Linda is a brilliant therapist. She’s very friendly but also very professional, and has an excellent manner and disposition for conducting this kind of thing.  I felt very relaxed and open with her, and she in return was very open to my feedback at the end of each session as to any parts of the therapy I preferred or, conversely, didn’t. All the therapy itself demands is a desire to succeed, a commitment to the physical time for the prescribed course (I had one session a week for six weeks), and a commitment to the ‘homework’ (most of which is small, practical homework easily built into daily life; a couple of weeks required a small amount of habit recording, but that was it). 

I have to say, I’m amazed at the results. Comparing it to previous attempts to stop biting, I feel so much more supported this time; it’s not a constant effort to stop every moment of every day, and indeed on some days the old habit doesn’t even occur to me anymore.  I’m still not biting, which in itself is an achievement, but more so the fact that it doesn’t necessarily even occur to me to bite now; I’m not fighting it any more. 

I know this sort of thing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but then I didn’t think it would be mine and I’m sitting here now wholly corrected (and with long, lovely, growing nails).  Really, what have you got to lose?’


I cannot recommend hypnotherapy with Linda enough. I admit I was sceptical when she told me she could help with my fear of flying. Before the treatment, I became increasingly anxious as the departure date approached. I found it difficult to sleep (this is not usually a problem for me), and worried unnecessarily about the preparations, from house-sitters, to getting to the airport, checking in and through security on time. And then there was take off and ascent which I dreaded. My fear had never actually prevented me from flying but it was an experience that gave me no pleasure at all.

Hypnotherapy has changed this beyond belief. I now look forward to air travel and the whole experience. I don’t get stressed beforehand and I can sleep!  I had not expected or hoped for such a definitive result. The techniques that Linda teaches also can be used for day- to- day stressors, and I use them when I feel that the demands of work and home are getting on top of me.  It is important to put in effort and do the homework, but this takes up very little time and contributes to the end result.  I have also found I am sleeping better, as I used to have nightmares a few times a week which are now much less frequent. 

Try hypnotherapy – it really works!!


A. Knight

“Just thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Emma C

Emma C

Linda is a fantastic life coach – warm, friendly, understanding and very easy to talk to. She helped and supported me to make changes in my life that have made a difference to my happiness and that of my family. Life has improved hugely as a result. I really enjoyed our sessions and will miss them now the coaching is over. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone who is seeking life coaching and or hypnotherapy. She is fabulous. Thank you!


Kate C

In short, I’M BACK IN THE ROOM! Thank you for helping me through the swamp and rediscover my drive. I have come out the other side.